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Capital Raises

As a FINRA-member firm, Watermark assists clients in raising debt and equity capital to finance: growth, recapitalizations, business expansions, acquisitions and partner buyouts. Our financings take the form of: senior debt, subordinated debt, preferred stock, and common stock. We raise capital from third parties and do not maintain a Watermark fund.

Watermark Advisors assists with capital raises of companies of various life stages. First, young companies seek private capital as the debt markets are often unavailable to them due to their relative lack of strength and consistency of cash flow. Second, companies in growth stages often seek private capital to bridge the limits set by banking institutions.  Banks will only lend up to certain levels (based on leverage, coverage and collateral considerations). Growing companies often need more than banking limits allow, and this capital takes the form of subordinated debt and/or convertible preferred stock investments.

Third, even mature companies reach a stage where the owner may want to diversify wealth. The private capital markets offer solutions for outside non-control investors to purchase equity ownership, or for existing management to purchase ownership through structured financings.

Our sources of capital are nationwide and have been established through cultivating relationships over the years of our careers with funds that have a broad set of criteria by which they invest. In fact our database includes over 4,300 funds nationwide that will invest throughout all stages of a company’s life cycle: from seed capital, all the way to debt placements for mature staged companies.

Test the Market Reports

Watermark identifies top accredited investors for the offering and discusses at a high level their interest in the private placement.  We then draft a report with conclusions on how we perceived the market appetite for the offering and on which investors would drive the greatest interest for the issuer.

Strategy Services

A compelling, functioning, and executable strategy makes a company more attractive to investors. Learn more about our StrategyMap© services that are designed to strengthen a company’s strategy.

Seminar for Sellers and Capital Raising

Watermark believes in preparation for a company to succeed in its efforts to raise capital. We offer the following fast-paced, comprehensive class for participants who want to master the processes of either raising equity capital to grow, or selling ownership in their company. Surprisingly, the preparation processes are almost identical. This is an interactive and engaging half-day class. It teaches proven best practices that help sellers achieve the highest ROI on their transaction. Participants will learn:

  • The 8 most important areas to strengthen in one’s company prior to the transaction
  • Attributes among one’s leadership and teams that are most attractive to investors
  • Which attributes most often hinder a deal from closing despite rising revenues and profitability
  • The most common discounts placed on one’s purchase price when negotiating the valuation
  • The best timing to launch the transaction
  • Ways sophisticated investors/buyers gain leverage over the seller in negotiations
  • The greatest challenges once you are seller is exclusive with an investor/buyer
  • The top reasons why companies are not ready for a transaction

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