What Sets Us Apart

Other investment banking firms and accounting firms that provide mergers and acquisitions (M&A) services focus almost exclusively on the transaction phase. Our M&A services are broader in scope. They include preparation, transaction, and integration phase processes. Few if any other M&A service providers assist clients in preparation and integration phases—although these are crucial for success.

Indeed, Watermark uniquely offers “cradle-to-grave” M&A services for its clients, both sellers and acquirers. This means that unlike those of other M&A service providers, our services span the entire M&A process, from pre-planning for a merger or acquisition to post-transaction integration. Such a comprehensive approach is a best bet in creating ROI from M&A and sustaining value in the companies involved in the transaction. Conventional, market dominating methods which focus almost exclusively on the transaction have proven to result in M&A failure and disappointment. We strongly believe that the comprehensive approach we offer is not only novel, but that it will become the next generation of investment banking, resulting in clients reaching and even exceeding their ROI goals.

And in valuation services, too, our approach is more comprehensive than that of most other providers. Ask us how!

What Else Sets Watermark Advisors Apart

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