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Considering M&A involves so many processes and skills, the odds are high that something will go sideways when a company transacts a M&A. Surprisingly, very few M&A advisors offer a comprehensive solution that delivers all of the processes and skills required to excel.

It is easy to stumble without having expertise in M&A preparation, due diligence, core M&A skills of valuation, synergies, negotiations, and integration planning and execution. No one individual can deliver all that is required.

That is why Watermark’s team leads a collaborative effort. Below please learn about Hagen Rogers, our Executive Managing Director, our Advisory Board and some of the firms we partner with.

Core M&A:

Hagen Rogers Greenville SC



Hagen Rogers is the Founder of Watermark Advisors, an investment banking firm he launched at age 31. His firm is leading the charge to change how conventional M&A gets done.

Born in Greenville, SC, his education and career subsequently took him to Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Charlotte, and Atlanta.

He & his team at Watermark have served over 75 clients in M&A sell-side, M&A buy-side, Private Placements of debt and equity capital, valuations and fairness opinions.

Expert Partners:

Watermark Advisors works with numerous businesses, academic institutions and other organizations to develop our services, innovate and support in the delivery of M&A programs to our clients. The following provides a sample of some of the third parties that we work with and recommend:

FirmServiceM&A Phase
Clemson Center for Corporate LearningM&A Academy / M&A Master Class Preparation Phase
Plante MoranCommercial DDPreparation Phase
Siegfried AdvisoryFinancial & Tax DDTransaction Phase
Bennett ThrasherFinancial & Tax DDTransaction Phase
Merit TechnologiesIT DDTransaction Phase
High Quest PartnersCommercial DDTransaction Phase
Find Great PeopleHR DDTransaction Phase
The R GroupCulture DDTransaction Phase
RPS GroupEnvironmental DDTransaction Phase
Global PMI PartnersIntegrationIntegration Phase

Watermark Internship Program

Watermark is proud to have helped over 65 college students launch their careers, many into the M&A and financial world through its’ internship program.

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