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The members of Watermark’s senior leadership team have 50+ years of experience in M&A, corporate strategy, and other areas of investment banking, both nationally and internationally:

Core M&A:

Hagen Rogers Greenville SC



Expert Partners:

Watermark Advisors works with numerous businesses, academic institutions and other organizations to develop our services, innovate and support in the delivery of M&A programs to our clients. The following links are provided as references to third parties that we work with and recommend:

Executive Aura – M&A Preparation Phase – Strategy:

executive aura nashville tnExecutive Aura is a boutique consulting firm providing business strategy, leadership development and culture solutions that engage employees. The firm works with CEOs, senior management and emerging leaders to Think, Lead and Act like a CEO. Executive Aura is located in Nashville, TN. Executive Aura helps you create engaged employees and company cultures that work. Services include: one-on-one executive and leadership coaching, CEO coaching and advising, change management, employee engagement, culture and communications audits, and a variety of leadership development topics and keynote speeches. Learn more >

Global PMI Partners – M&A Integration Phase:

global pmi partners

Global PMI Partners specializes in Post-Merger Integration. Its’ Partners are post-deal M&A experts within their respective countries. Global PMI Partners provides pre-deal services during due diligence and post-deal services such as leading integration projects or advising the integration team. Learn more >

Senior Advisor Partners:

Max Cochran



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