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Why Use Watermark Advisors

We know that sellers expect their advisor to be able to navigate the twists and turns of the sale process smoothly, with few bumps and avoidance of any heartaches. Sellers expect their advisor to bring many parties to the table to create maximum leverage. They want to like and respect their advisor. They also hope that their company and employees will thrive under new ownership, resulting in respect among the communities of which they were a part. If you can relate to these goals, we have a lot in common!

Why else to consider Watermark for such a delicate and all-important transaction? Our motto by which we strive to live is the timeless truth that he who is faithful in little things is faithful also in much. We cannot overemphasize the importance of attention to detail, with which we approach every sale transaction. Our team passionately strives to achieve the best result for the client without losing compassion for the people who help make it happen. We also pledge to always act with honor and integrity, placing our clients’ interests ahead of our own. We demonstrate a sense of urgency in client work.

Beyond these core goals and principles, Watermark believes that preparation is a capital idea. What does this mean? In a sell-side transaction, it means that how well a seller prepares their company for the transaction will determine the outcome of the transaction. We believe in preparation so much that we work with our clients well in advance of a transaction launch. We also stick around after the deal has closed to ensure that the seller enters well an integration process with the buyer. Watermark is the only investment banking firm (that we know of) that provides comprehensive M&A services in all 3 phases of the M&A process for the seller. Many sellers still have a stake in the financial performance of their company after the transaction is closed because they take an earnout of a seller note to close the sale transaction. As a result of focused preparation and integration, the seller, their company and their people will all maximize their outcomes.

Below is a listing of seller services provided by Watermark, compared to other typical service providers.

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Seller Services Provided by Watermark Advisors Compared to Other M&A Service Providers


*These services are most often completed in the transaction phase. Watermark however recommends their completion in the preparation phase to maximize transaction outcomes for the seller.






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