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M&A Trends – Distribution Industry

The distribution industry, a $11.6 trillion powerhouse, is adapting to a new reality. While recent years have seen modest growth, the future looks bright with a projected CAGR of 2.2% by 2028. This growth is fueled by strategic mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies like AI. This report dives into the key...

Fabricated Metal Products M&A Trends

Watermark Advisors is pleased to present our 2022 Fabricated Metal Products M&A Trends Report. This $390 billion industry domestically is comprised of 15 diverse subindustries, which produce a wide variety of products: from razor blades to aluminum cans to guns and ammo manufacturing. Recently the industry has been affected most significantly by four trends: Fluctuations...

Machinery Manufacturing M&A Report

With the US technically now in a stagflation cycle, companies well positioned to navigate their industry’s trends should outperform the competition.  In the Machinery Manufacturing industry, many recent mergers and acquisitions have been pursued for the purpose of strengthening one’s strategy in light of 3 trends: Unpredictable fluctuations in demand A heightened domestic and international...

Food Sector M&A Trends

Watermark Advisors is pleased to present our 2022 Food Sector M&A Trends Report. At $870 billion in total market size, the US Food sector is comprised of 22 diverse subindustries.  With supply chain slowdowns and pricing pressures, among global concerns of new restrictive emission measures with regard to livestock, fertilizer, and other key inputs to...

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