Fabricated Metal Products M&A Trends

Fabricated Metal Products M&A Trends

Industry Briefings

Watermark Advisors is pleased to present our 2022 Fabricated Metal Products M&A Trends Report.

This $390 billion industry domestically is comprised of 15 diverse subindustries, which produce a wide variety of products: from razor blades to aluminum cans to guns and ammo manufacturing. Recently the industry has been affected most significantly by four trends:

  1. Fluctuations in demand
  2. A heightened domestic and international competitive landscape
  3. Greater volatility of input costs
  4. An increase in significance for R&D and automation

With the US now in a recession, companies well positioned to navigate these trends should outperform competition. As we share in this report, leading participants are benefiting from several smart M&A strategies including product extension M&As, market extension M&As and overcapacity M&As, to better position themselves to outperform.