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Sell-side M&A Preparation’s Missing Ingredient

Sept. 1, 2021 – 10 AM CDT

• Hardly any firms provide the seller due diligence preparation but buyer’s dd is in fact the hardest step in the M&A transaction process
• Buyer’s dd is often overwhelming for seller, and lack of preparation causes seller to lose leverage in negotiations
• Let’s look at what it takes to prepare well for a buyer’s dd, how long it takes and who should be involved

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Testimonials from Class Participants

10 out of 10. All was excellent information that can be used/applied at different levels of company integration.
President & CEO of a Composite Manufacturer
Provided a great base of knowledge on how to prepare and avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of the M&A process.
President, Large Privately Owned Specialty Paper Manufacturer
Great class! Very glad I was able to attend. Highlighting the strategy session as a precursor to M&A is great. Also for the attention paid to post-deal acquisition.
SVP, Director of Strategic Initiatives of a Large, Publicly Traded Commercial Bank
Excellent class. Gained a lot from the perspective of other participants as well as the presentation.
CFO, Large Privately Owned Electrical Wholesaler
I think the class evidenced great knowledge of the real needs of those of us in the audience and it was presented in a very easy way to understand. Thank you!
CFO of Global Manufacturer of Animal Nutrition Products
Great job of focusing on influence and culture in successful M&A
Executive Leadership of Large Plastics Manufacturer

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