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Your company needs to do M&As successfully to grow and execute your business model, but you are worried. You know that M&As are difficult and full of risks. If you lead the company into its next merger or acquisition ill-equipped and intimidated by M&As’ complexities, you may cause the company to make a big financial and strategic misstep.

You could take an expensive, in-person M&A course hosted by Ivy League universities. While one week away from the office may be enough to kill this option for some, the more important deterrent should be that one week is not enough time to dig deep into key problem areas your company is likely to experience during an M&A. It is also unlikely that you can spare your team members long enough for them to take the in-person course as well, leaving the transfer of information solely in your hands.

The M&A Academy offers you and your team the opportunity to strengthen your M&A competencies and increase the likelihood of success in a self-paced, online learning environment designed by experienced M&A professionals.

Our instructors live on the front line of M&A each day, and have first hand experience with the challenges and potential pitfalls that are easily avoidable with proper training. They share their first-hand knowledge and experience in M&A subject matters like valuation, integration, due diligence, and more, taking into account both small-scale and global perspectives.

M&A Academy – fully master the unique rules, strategies, processes, language and pitfalls associated with M&A.

Go beyond the deal table and take in the much bigger picture.

Get started to transform your M&A fears into knowledge-based confidence!

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Online Course: Integration Planning

m&a integration planning

Integration Planning is the first course in the M&A Integration program!

In this course, we’ll help you ask the right questions to better understand the risk and complexity of a deal, and provide strategies to help you secure adequate support and resources during the planning phase of your integration. We’ll also discuss the integration lifecycle and the importance of business vision and strategy in laying the foundation for a successful integration planning. We’ll finish this course by outlining the five key phases of integration and the associated activities and considerations, and the options you have for structuring and supporting your IMO.

You’ll walk away from this course with specific knowledge of the planning guidelines and considerations for integration work.

Online Course: Integration Execution

m&a integration execution

Integration Execution is the second course in the M&A Integration program!

In the M&A Academy’s Integration Execution course, we’ll highlight the aspects of executing an integration that require extra attention and explore the key areas and elements of a functional integration workplan and endstate planning. We’ll also examine critical elements of integration execution process, such as the communication management plan, cultural assessment process, change management plan, cultural integration steps, talent assessment practices, and the synergy management plan.

You’ll walk away from this course with specific knowledge of the critical elements of integration execution.

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