Top M&A Fumbles and Landmines That Every Acquirer Should Know

We are proud to share our Executive Briefing which explores “fumbles and landmines” that cause acquirers to ultimately fail in capturing an ROI above a hurdle rate. ROI and strategic failures by acquirers go for the most part largely unreported. However, they are in fact, much more widespread than many realize, costing shareholders dearly.

We will uncover top fumbles (known M&A process steps or skills that acquirers mismanage) and top landmines (where acquirers ignored a critical step and later results in a crisis).

Using real life M&A stories, we will spotlight these mistakes in 3 phases: preparation, transaction and integration.

We shared this presentation with a national audience of CPAs in Phoenix in 2021.  However, its’ takeaways are timeless and applicable to the broader acquirer community. We hope you find it valuable too.