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How M&A Has Changed in Q4 – M&A Wire Video

Is M&A decoupling from the economy? If so, what does that mean for 2023? In this latest Watermark Wire video, Hagen Rogers explores how and why mid-sized companies are seeing fewer M&A transaction volume but higher M&A transaction multiples. He then offers practical advice for BOTH acquirers and sellers.
M-and-A-Wire-Economy Part 2

M&A and the Economy Part ll: Six Considerations Affecting Sellers’ Timing

There are numerous economic indicators that are pointing towards recession or stagflation. As discussed in our previous Wire article titled M&A and the Economy Part 1: Americans are Getting Poorer, price increases driven by rampant inflation and the energy sector crisis (gas, natural gas, diesel fuel supply demand imbalances) are hurting the American public, and…

M&A and The Economy Part l: Americans are Getting Poorer

We want to turn our attention to recent economic developments as conditions in the US continue to worsen. The M&A market is not immune to these worsening conditions. There is a lot to cover on this issue, so this topic will span over several articles. Today, we’d like to focus on macroeconomic indicators that are…
Watermark Executive Briefing-Top MandA Fumbles

Top M&A Fumbles and Landmines That Every Acquirer Should Know

We are proud to share our Executive Briefing which explores “fumbles and landmines” that cause acquirers to ultimately fail in capturing an ROI above a hurdle rate. ROI and strategic failures by acquirers go for the most part largely unreported. However, they are in fact, much more widespread than many realize, costing shareholders dearly. We…
Watermark Advisors Single Family Office

Family Offices and M&A

Family offices continue to grow in prominence in the world of M&A and are increasingly competing against PE firms and strategics for acquisition opportunities. Single-Family Offices (SFOs) manage wealth of a single-family or individual. Multi-family offices (MFOs) are designed to provide similar services to their SFO counterparts but to a number of wealthy families. According…

Class Valuation, LLC Purchases SouthEastern Evaluation, LLC

“Watermark Advisors took the time to get to know our company and made sure that we were comfortable with the process.  I had no idea the time and effort it would take and Hagen made sure we understood each part in the process along the way.  He was available for any and all questions and…
M&A Protecting National Interests

In Focus: Protecting National Interests in M&A Transactions

Who is CFIUS? Much has been written and spoken about foreign companies with ties to communist governmental regimes acquiring US-based companies. This article discusses how the US government protects our country’s national security issues when M&A transactions are suspect. Many may not know that there is a body within the U.S. government that is devoted…
M&A in a Devisive World

2021 M&A Wire #1: M&A in a Divisive World

We are pleased to share Watermark’s inaugural M&A Wire for 2021. Back to Fundamentals: Comprehensive M&A Expertise a Rarity, but also a Requirement M&A continues, as it always has been, to be a risky endeavor. If any one area in M&A goes sideways, that can spell trouble. Considering M&A involves so many processes and skills,…